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Private Label

Private Label

Globally, there is a “changing of the guard” in the world of technology, and the way technology is being purchased.   Our goal is to assist MSP’s and Technology Professional’s with building their personalized cloud solutions.  Let Bandwidth Bidder architect your MSP’s Private Label Cloud Service.   Private label cloud is the best way to create a new product, revenue and profitability to your business.   Extend the lifetime of your customers and increase your customer retention rates.


Why Bandwidth Bidder?

Expedite your launch goals with our early adoption experience and global resources of the highest level engineers in the cloud space.  Regardless of your objectives, Bandwidth Bidder can assist qualified partners with global staff augmented service offerings and complete turnkey cloud packages.


+ Bandwidth Bidder eliminates entry level and high level commitments by cloud providers direct.

+ Bandwidth Bidder eliminates the hurdles of deployment due to capital, time and opportunity cost.


What is in it for your MSP firm?  And Why Private Label?

+ Promote YOUR brand and extend powerful self-service IT capabilities.

+ Gain a competitive advantage by addressing key business needs that include, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Scalability.

+ Build a recurring revenue stream while reducing your companies timing into the cloud market.

+ Provide predictable costs, secure scalability computing for application deployments.

+ Leverage opportunities to audit exiting software licensing agreements for maximum profitability.

+ Unique financial benefits because you control your margins

+ Complete customer control


What’s in it for your customers?

A true solution that frees your customers from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and ultimately replacing local PC’s by providing untethered workspace that can be accessed from anywhere at any time on a variety of devices.

+ Gives customers increased levels of scalability and the ability to customize their solution.

+ Less downtime resulting in increased productivity

+ Centralized desktop and server applications in one host environment

+ Reduce TCO “Total Cost of Ownership” without capital outlay and decrease maintenance costs.

+ Predictable monthly cost

+ Reduce the number of vendors they must manage and reduce managing on premise hardware.

+ Technology inherent disaster recovery

+ Add On-Demand resources.





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