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Migration Services

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Migration Services

Bandwidth Bidder provides effective migration services to Cloud Service Providers. Our experienced team of migration engineers have successfully migrated businesses to both Private and Public Cloud Service Providers. Bandwidth Bidder partners with the industries best Cloud Service Providers to offer the best Cloud experience. Bandwidth Bidder has already negotiated with the top Cloud Service Providers and companies to streamline the process of migrating any infrastructure to the cloud. Bandwidth Bidder is the single point of contact to multiple cloud services providers and a single source for all cloud service bids. All of this without overextended commitment levels.
Bandwidth Bidder provides a clear path to Cloud Service Providers with zero risk. We handle all the required due diligence that typically falls in the hands of your I.T department or MSP. Our services provide fast, cost effective migration to any Cloud Service Provider. Find out how to get 50% to 80% of the migration costs reimburse to the end-user.


Our Approach

The process of cloud migration for any size business can be very complex and an overwhelming process. This can take a significant effort and very taxing any current in-house information technology department or in some cases your MSP. Our approach is to alleviate the hassle and give you piece of mind. The steps below outline our process

  • Discovery: This is the most important part of our approach. Our team of migration engineers will work closely with key company stake holders and I.T staff to
    identify current applications and services that are being migrated. Capturing their current utilization and collecting key data on application and data dependencies.
  • Analysis: After the discovery phase, we analyze all captured data in regard to servers, operating systems and application dependencies. Our team then begins to
    fully understand what applications, services and systems are great candidates for cloud migration.
  • Broker: After our team successfully compiles a profile of the cloud migration needs, we begin the process of selecting which cloud partner will be best suited for the
    given application, service and system requirements. We will assist in analyzing TCO on your behalf to assist with the decision making process.
  • Migration: Once the Cloud Service Provider is identified and selected, we will work together with the Cloud Service Provider and your I.T Staff in migrating servers,
    applications and services. If your business or MSP is lacking experience with cloud migration, our team of competent migration engineers can step in to fill this gap.
  • Optimization: After your infrastructure has been successfully migrated to the Cloud Service Provider, we begin to look for areas in which we can re-balance, re-size and
    optimize your cloud environment.



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