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Great minds think alike, so we offer revenue share as well as mindshare.

Growth Mindset – Since inception, we have been channel-friendly for a true win-win of resources and revenue.  When a rapid reply is of the essence, Bandwidth Bidder is the difference between closing a deal – prolonging or losing one.  No selling on your end, we coordinate solutions presentations from a director level. 

Take advantage of the rapid growth of today’s DX (Data Transformation) along with direct access to all major ISP’s, Data Center, and phone companies. Partnering with Bandwidth Bidder provides you the opportunity to expand your technology resources with services complement and enhance the current value of any MSP. 

Here are some things to know about our partner program: 

  • Optional revenue streams 
  • No setup fees
  • No transaction fees to your clients. (We are compensated by the elected carriers) 
  • No monthly or annual commitment levels to participate
  • Quick onboarding process and ongoing support
  • Customized ways to offer all services, as white-labeled, hands-off, or coordinated hands-on with your MSP team
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing support from world-class providers in our portfolio
  • Additional value partner program resources for your MSP
  • Automated Bandwidth Bidding Tool includes revenue stream without commitment levels
  • Optional – Non-Profit donation in your honor via our “Connect with a Cause” vendor program
  • Optional – Global and national white-labeled field tech resources available upon request 
  • Optional – Leads for VoIP national installations
  • Optional – Microsoft Lead and Transformation Team Packages

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