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Attacks and threats producing attacks continue to occur. How can your company keep up, and protect itself from financial, legal and other consequences? Cyber resilience, the ability to recover from a cyber attack, involves people and processes even more than technological tools. Read on to learn more about helping your organization plan how to keep going in the face of an attack.


Cyber Resilience Involves People and Processes


Cyber resilience is more than just technological tools protecting your organization. Cybersecurity is part of it, but not all Cyber resilience has to do not just with preventing a cyber attack, but recovering from the damage and evaluating the response. This evaluation may include changes in policies and procedures. According to a CompTIA Community Blog post, people can be the most important asset in defending against – and  in some cases recovering from – a cyber attack. 


What Causes Cyber Attack?

According to statistics, more than 50% of cyber attacks and resulting data breaches stem from human error. Lack of training is a primary source of risk. Do employees know what to do if they get a phishing email? Do they know what one looks like? What are your workers’ skill sets, knowledge, levels of training? How well has your company defined processes for cyber security, disaster recovery, and monitoring? Though cyber resilience processes can be defined by executives, everyone plays a part in protecting your company.  


Performing a Cyber Resilience Assessment and Moving Forward 


While developing policies, processes and procedures can seem daunting, some resources can get you started. A good starting point is evaluating current defenses along with workers’ skills. The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a framework for preparing your organization’s defenses, one that can be used by SMBs and MSPs alike. Small to medium-size businesses, along with their partners, don’t have to be alone in the fight against cybercrime. 


Frameworks for developing procedures, along with resources for training staff, can help your company prepare for and recover from cyber attack. For further assistance, contact your trusted technology advisor today. 

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